Arrival Nights Persons

Engi West ****

New, modern apartment with wonderful views of the Bernese Alps 8 people >>more

Holiboimi ****

The ideal holiday home for families, sportspersons and nature lovers >>more

Schrotenweidli ****

Spacious and beautiful apartment located right in the native residential neighborhood Hasliberg Hohfluh >>more

Engelhorn ***

Rustic, cosy apartment for summer vacations >>more

Wieseli ***

The family friendly chalet is located in the upper village of Hasliberg Wasserwendi >>more

Anita ***

Cosy chalet on Bidmistrasse with newly decorated interiors. >>more

Gärbi ***

Comfortable apartment close to the mountain lifts 4 people >>more

Sagebächli*** ( MAJO)

Large, outlying holiday house, with a terrific view to the mountains of the Hasli valley. >>more

Diana ***

Chalet with an amazing view for your recreation >>more

Wetterhorn ***

This lovely split-level apartment is centrally situated in Hasliberg Wasserwendi. >>more

Cosy - Studio ***

A cozy studio apartment for a young family or couples. >>more

New Appartement in Order

moore Houses will come son... >>more

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